Military Lawn Markers

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Marines Lawn Marker (E2820)

  • $9.98 each

Army Lawn Marker (E2821)

  • $9.98 each

Navy Lawn Marker (E2822)

  • $9.98 each

Air Force Lawn Marker (E2823)

  • $9.98 each

Coast Guard Lawn Marker (E2824)

  • $9.98 each


Military Lawn Marker honors those who serve or served so valiantly for our coun­try. Dis­play with pride on your lawn or at a gravesite as a memo­rial to a deceased veteran. Weather-resistant plaque features service branch emblem (6¼" diam.) and comes with nylon flag. Includes tubular metal stake for ground-mounting. Stands 30" H overall.


Item Number Product Description Availability
2820 Marines Lawn Marker In Stock
2821 Army Lawn Marker In Stock
2822 Navy Lawn Marker In Stock
2823 Air Force Lawn Marker In Stock
2824 Coast Guard Lawn Marker In Stock

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