HD Vision™ & NightVision™

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HD Vision™ Glasses (C8477)

  • $9.98 each
  • 2 or more for
    $9.25 each

HD NightVision™ Glasses (C7743)


  • $9.98 each
  • 2 or more for
    $9.25 each


HD Vision™ Sunglasses block glare and harmful UV rays as they make everything around you look sharper and brighter!  Custom-look shades with high-definition lens technology dramatically reduces sun glare and provides crystal clear clarity and definition like you’ve never experienced before.  Provide glare-free, 100% UV protection.  Ideal at the beach or sporting events, while driving and more. 

Also available is a HD NightVision™ WrapArounds. They help reduce glare and eye strain caused by on-coming headlights and street lights.  Improve visibility at twilight and during poor weather conditions.


Item Number Product Description Availability
8477 HD Vision™ & HD NightVision™ WrapArounds In Stock
2828 HD Vision™ Ultra Glasses Item Discontinued
7743 HD NightVision™ Glasses In Stock