Fleece-Lined Tights

Product Price Quantity

Black Tights (P/M) (C4544)

  • $12.98 each

Black Tights (M/T) (C4545)

  • $12.98 each

Black Tights (Queen) (C4546)

  • $12.98 each

Gray Tights (P/M) (C7928)

  • $12.98 each

Gray Tights (M/T) (C7929)

  • $12.98 each

Gray Tights (Queen) (C7930)

  • $12.98 each
  • (64 reviews)


Fleece-lined tights beat winter’s chill! Cozy, full-footed tights offer stretchable comfort while looking totally fashionable. Super-soft (not like those itchy wool tights!); thin enough to wear under dresses, thick enough to double as leggings. Poly­ester/Spandex blend. Hand wash. P/M fits 95-140 lbs.; M/T fits 140-180 lbs.; Queen fits 180-240 lbs.



Item Number Product Description Availability
4544 Tights (P/M) Item Available
4545 Tights (M/T) Item Available
4546 Tights (Queen) Item Available
7928 Gray Tights (P/M) Item Available
7929 Gray Tights (M/T) Item Available
7930 Gray Tights (Queen) Item Available