Battle Balloons™

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Color Burst™ (C3363)

  • $12.98 each

Launcher (C3364)

  • $12.98
    $4.99 each


Have fun outdoors all summer long with the new Battle Balloons™ Color Burst™. Now kids can have a blast throwing water balloons that are “bursting” with color. Just attach the bundle to any hose, turn on the water and in seconds you’ll have 40 balloons filled up and tied, ready to fly! Color Burst™ is completely safe, made with non-staining food color that washes right out of clothes and your yard, too. Great for parties and summer time play! You get 120 balloons in red, green and blue. Made of plastic, rubber and food coloring. What better way to throw the balloons at one another than with the Battle Balloons™Launcher! Every kid at the party will need one of these for double the fun! Measures 10 ¼” L x 3 ¼” W. Plastic.

Watch the video for fun.


Item Number Product Description Availability
3363 Color Burst™ In Stock
3364 Launcher In Stock

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