Personal Keychain Alarm

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Pink (C3218)

  • $19.98 each

Black (C3219)

  • $19.98 each
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Feel safe and secure at all times with the super-loud Personal Keychain Alarm. If you need to alert others of an emergency, just press the red button and the 115 decibel siren will sound instantly! Out at night or somewhere dark, just push the white button to activate the safety LED light for extra security. Use it when you’re running errands, walking your pet, or for an evening out. Great for college students, too! Fits in your pocket or purse or use the keychain to clip it onto your keys, purse, leash or backpack. Choose from two sparkly colors, pink or black. Battery included.


Item Number Product Description Availability
3218 Pink Item Available
3219 Black Item Available