Microfiber Bath Mats

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Bath Mat (Rectangle) (E7011)

  • $19.98
    $12.98 each

Bath Mat (Oval) (E9930)

  • $19.98
    $12.98 each
  • (37 reviews)


Microfiber bath mat absorbs moisture like a sponge! Super-thirsty material soaks up excess water before puddles ever have a chance to form, which means safer footing as you step out of the shower or tub. There’s no need to wring out—this mat is self-drying! Poly blend in neutral beige tone with skid-resistant backing.  Two sizes: rectangle (31" x 17-1/2") and oval (24" x 17"). Imported.


Item Number Product Description Availability
7011 Microfiber Bath Mat Item Available
9930 Microfiber Bath Mat Item Available

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