Pulse Massager & Pads

Relax tense muscles & relieve pain the same way physical therapists do! Electronic pulse massager is equipped with advanced TENS technology to quickly relieve pain caused by strain and trauma—from backaches to foot discomfort. High-frequency stimulation sends mild, safe electric impulses directly to where you hurt; stimulates and loosens muscles to break the pain cycle and aid healing. Includes 5 auto modes, 3 selectable massages, LCD screen and 4 AAA batteries. FDA-registered.

"I couldn't be happier as I wasn't sure what to expect at this price. I had a friend over and showed her how easy and effective it is to use - she will now get one for herself. Pain relief without medication is what I am always looking for and it does just that!"  - Customer in Atlanta, GA

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Pulse Massager (C4713)

  • $49.98

Set of 4 Extra Pads (B4714)

  • $19.98
Item Number Product Description Availability
4713 Pulse Massager Item Available
4714 Set of 4 Extra Pads Item Available

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