Toe Straightener

Product Price Quantity

Single Straightener (B6795)

  • $5.98 each

Double Straightener (B6796)

  • $5.98 each

Triple Straightener (B6797)

Left Foot

  • $6.98 each

Triple Straightener (B6798)

Right Foot

  • $6.98 each
  • (50 reviews)


Toe Straightener helps align crooked toes. Comfy foam pad with adjustable toe loop uses gentle pressure to ease pain and promote proper alignment of crooked, overlapping or hammertoes. Pad molds to your foot as elastic loop holds affected toes in place. Wear with any shoe. Washable and reusable. One size fits all. Single and double fit right or left foot; for triple, order left or right.


Item Number Product Description Availability
6795 Single Straightener Item Available
6796 Double Straightener Item Available
6797 Triple Straightener (Left) Item Available
6798 Triple Straightener (Right) Item Available