RFID Sleeves & Wallets

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Sleeves (C7910)

  • $9.98 each

Water Lily (C7911)

  • $12.98 each

Irises (C7912)

  • $12.98 each

Sunflower (C7913)

  • $12.98 each

Starry Night (C7914)

  • $12.98 each


RFID SLEEVES & WALLETS THWART IDENTITY THIEVES! All are treated with a special metal alloy that blocks scanners used by criminals to steal your personal information. Set of 4 extra-thin, tear-resist­ant sleeves (3-½" W x 2-¼" H) protect credit or debit cards in your wallet, card holder or money clip. Armored wallet’s sturdy aluminum design (4-½" W x 3" H) fits easily in purse; specify design below.



Item Number Product Description Availability
7910 Sleeves In Stock
7911 Water Lily In Stock
7912 Irises In Stock
7913 Sunflower In Stock
7914 Starry Night In Stock

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