Perfect Petzzz®

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Golden Retriever (E8826)

  • $39.98 each

Beagle (F8827)

  • $39.98 each

Yorkie (E8828)

  • $39.98 each

Orange Tabby (E8829)

  • $39.98 each
  • (3 reviews)


PERFECT PEZZZ® is the next best thing to owning a real four-legged friend! Adorable, lifelike plush animal actually "breathes" like a real pet.  Comes with collar and pet tag, plush bed, hair brush, adoption certificate, cardboard pet carrier, and battery.  A cuddly, maintenance-free companion for kids ... or any true pet lover!  Approx. 9½" W x 6½" D x 3½" H.  100% synthetic fur. Choose from breeds shown.


Item Number Product Description Availability
8826 Golden Retriever Item Available
8827 Beagle Item Available
8828 Yorkie Item Available
8829 Orange Tabby Item Available