Topper for Leaf Bags (C3021)

Topper for Leaf Bags makes cleaning up your yard much easier! No more struggling to pick up all of those leaves, yard waste, and lawn clippings.

• Fits any standard paper lawn bag.
• Providing a large opening to avoid any spills, even on a windy day!
• Makes it easy to rake debris directly into the bag, even as it lays flat.
• Simple to hang and store on a nail or peg or fold flat when not in use.
• High quality corrugated cardboard.
• Reusable.
• Base is 15 ½” L x 11 1/2” W x 9” H
• Made in the USA

Watch video to see how it works!

1 or more for $6.98
Item Number Product Description Availability
3021 Topper for Leaf Bags Item Available

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