Nail Clippers

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Small Nail Clippers (B8013)

  • $5.98 each

Large Nail Clippers (B8014)

  • $7.98 each

Both Nail Clippers (M5058)

  • $11.98 each


EZ-GRIP NAIL CLIPPERS OFFER SLIP-PROOF CONTROL! Special design features scissor-like grips that are easy to hold and squeeze. Double-sharp blades with spring action nip off thick, stubborn nails with minimum strain. Fold compactly when not in use. Two sizes: small for fingernails (folds to 3" L) and large for toenails (folds to 4-3/8" L).


Item Number Product Description Availability
8013 Small Nail Clippers In Stock
8014 Large Nail Clippers In Stock
5058 Both Nail Clippers In Stock

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