Decorative Wall Tiles

Decorative wall tiles with embossed detail will give your kitchen a fresh, new look! Cover up tired, old, damaged or discolored tiles with this set of 16 tin tiles, featuring a stylish, raised relief pattern. They won’t crack, chip or stain, and easily affix to existing wall surfaces with included self-stick tabs. Each is 6" sq.  

Product Price Quantity

Tiles (Silver-tone) (C8130)

  • $14.98
    $12.98 for a set of 16

Tiles (White) (C2485)

  • $14.98
    $12.98 for a set of 16

Tiles (Copper-tone) (C8131)

  • $14.98
    $12.98 for a set of 16
Item Number Product Description Availability
8130 Tiles (Silver-tone) Item Available
2485 Tiles (White) Item Available
8131 Tiles (Copper-tone) Item Available

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