Grab Bag™ Set

GRAB BAG™ SET makes it quick and easy to fill and carry a shopping cart full of items! Set of 2 reusable nylon bags have built-in grab clips that attach securely to your cart. Expandable sides stretch to stay open for easy packing directly into the bag. Roomy main section holds four plastic bags worth of groceries! Broad base and secure flaps keep groceries from falling out. Has webbed carry handles. Folds flat to store. 21-1/4" x 14" x 10" each. Insulated bag comes as a single item.

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Grab Bag™ (E8110)

  • $14.98 for a set of 2

Grab Bag™ Insulated (E8141)

  • $14.98
  • 2 for
Item Number Product Description Availability
8110 Grab Bag Item Available
8141 Grab Bag Insulated Item Available

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