Gel Bunion Toe Spreader

Gel bunion toe spreader eases pain and helps realign toes. Cushy, all-gel material enriched with medical grade mineral oil and aloe vera provides immediate relief from friction and pressure between the bunion joint and shoe. Slips over right or left big toe; separator cushion fits comfortably and securely between toes for proper alignment. Washable and reusable; diabetic-friendly. One size fits all. Pinky toe guard also available.

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Product Price Quantity

Pinky Toe Bunion Guard (B4619)

  • $5.98
  • 2 for

Bunion Toe Spreader (B4057)

  • $6.98
  • 2 for
Item Number Product Description Availability
4619 Pinky Toe Bunion Guard Item Available
4057 Bunion Toe Spreader Item Available

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