Cable Tidy Box

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White (F7075)

  • $24.98
    $19.98 each

Black (F7076)

  • $24.98
    $19.98 each
  • (13 reviews)


CLUTTERED CORDS HAVE YOU IN KNOTS? Tame ’em with a cable tidy box! Simply place your power strip or surge protector in the box—cords and all. (No need to unplug for set-up.) Then place extra cable length inside to keep a neat appearance by TVs and under desks. Made of high-grade ABS plastic with non-slip rubber feet. Includes twist ties to further aid with organizing cords and wires. 16" W x 5" H x 6" D.


Item Number Product Description Availability
7075 White Item Available
7076 Black Item Available

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