Bifocal Sunglasses

Product Price Quantity

Glasses (+1.5) (C7247)

  • $14.98 each

Glasses (+2.5) (C7248)

  • $14.98 each

Glasses (+3.5) (C7249)

  • $14.98 each
  • (2 reviews)


BIFOCAL polarized SUNGLASSES enable you to see better in the great outdoors! Fashionable lenses combine maximum UV and glare protection with built-in magnification. Ideal for outdoor reading, golfing, fishing and more. All-in-one design features scratch-resistant lenses and a stylish frame that flexes to fit both men and women.


Item Number Product Description Availability
7247 Glasses (+1.5) Item Available
7248 Glasses (+2.5) Item Available
7249 Glasses (+3.5) Item Available